Video Tutorials for Learning the Basics

We all have to start somewhere. Screencasts are an efficient way to learn about Google Sites. We keep our videos 5 minutes or less so that you don't feel burdened with some sort of hour lecture. You'll walk away with some nice tidbits of knowledge and feel empowered to build your Site correctly.

Creating a New Blank Slate Google Site

The first step to every great website we make is starting with a blank slate. We show you how to start a new website that is easy to customize and get started with.  Pre-made themes can be difficult to start with, so this is a great beginners session.

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The Parts of a Google Sites Page

An introduction to edit page mode and the parts therein. This will get you started on the right track for making new Google Sites pages.View on Youtube

The Google Sites Edit Page Toolbar

Kyle covers everything in the toolbar including remove formatting, fonts, colors, bullet lists, numbered listing and alignment. Also the types of hyperlinks you can make. Basically everything you need to know to get started formatting your Google Site.

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The Announcements Page Template

Everything you wanted to know about getting the Announcements page (a simple blog type page) up and running. Also the accompanying gadgets: the Recent Announcements gadget and the Subpage Listing.View on Youtube

The Google Sites Horizontal Navigation Bar

The best thing since sliced bread for Google Sites in the horizontal navigation bar. It the intuitive start to creating a navigable Google Sites website and I'll show you everything about it. Create links, dropdown menus and enable it with Sites new "Edit Site Layout" feature.View on Youtube